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A New Freedom of Security

Freedom from threat, and freedom to chose just what you need.

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Your Trust, Our Protection

Your Confidence and satisfaction is the key to our very being. Our protection is designed to give you the confidence you want to have in your security teams. We build relationships, not clients.


CCW and Self Help for you or your business.

CCW and Self Help for you or your business.

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We are not yet ready to complete all services. We do know people who can help, while we finish getting solid!

Who We Are

When You Need Expert Security

Safe Sphere is more than a security company. While everything we do revolves around the word. By definition security is the state of being free from danger or threat. The threats in today's world very immensely. Personal. Corporate. Digital. Physical. Everything can be broken down into one of those categories. What we do is provide proactive services, real time protection, assessments, and training to help individuals or groups mitigate threats and danger.

Consulting and Testing

Digital/ Physical Penetration Testing

Ensure what your doing now, actually works. let us test it, assess it and improve it.


Trained, Retrained, and continuous learning.

You get professional security/agents. The threats evolve and so do we.

Residential Watch

24/7 Neighborhood Watch

Safe and secure is not limited to only business. Residential and personal services are available too. 

Full Secure

Encompassing Protection Services

No two threats are the same. We help assess and properly mitigate the threat. 

Know About Us

Our Goal is to Keep You Safe

Whether it is boots on the ground, cyber, or personal. Our goal is to keep you safe. Different teams that focus and excel on the things you need. All of them are capable of working in tandem to make your safety our number one priority. .

What We Do At Safe Sphere

Security Services

We provide professional service for threat mitigation, awareness, training and more. Our goal is to provide reliable security related services to those in need. Whether on a personal level, or with a guard/agent/team assigned.

Private Investigation

Information gathering, confirming, tracking, and counter intelligence.   

Armed/Unarmed Guards

Sometimes you need a presence. Sometimes you need some one trained properly. We have you covered either way.

Transport Security

Need a person, cargo, or something else protected on a trip. We have the ability to make sure it all arrives safely.

Security/Penetration Testing

Having security in place is one thing, knowing it is working is another. 

Work Place Violence Mitigation

It happens, people get fired, and sometimes, you need a little extra caution.

Bodyguard/Executive Protection

An extra set of eyes, or someone to be that barrier between you and potential threats.

Event Security

Large, small, or even intimate events can benefit from security. let us keep you safe, so you can enjoy your event.  

‘Kid Friendly’ Services

You want them safe,  but you also want them to not be intimidated by those who protect them. We got just the right team for that.


CCW Classes, How not to be a victim training, and more. Never hurts to know how to protect yourself.

Our Clients


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We are best in

Expert Security Services

We provide all types of security options from personal to business, choose what best for you and relax.

Event Security

Training and Prevention

Personal Protective

Private Investigation

Personal growth and Development

Our Team

Our Executive Team

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Trained Agents




Training and Certs to Date


Happy Customer

Why you trust usWe Provide

Trained Guards

Certified. Licensed.Trained. The Guards/Agents you need for any detail.

Testing and Assesment

Today’s threats are ever evolving. What you set up a few year ago, may not be waht you need in todays world. We can help you find the flaws in your current system, and improve it. 

Business,Home and personal Security

Whether it is your local neighborhood security, your fired someone from your company, or you need a team or solo operator for your travel around town. We got you covered. 

Company and Personal training

We do training too! CCW, how not to be a victim, threat awareness, and more. Truth is, the biggest flaw is every system is human error. We try and help fix that too.

Questions & AnswersFAQs

What is Penetration Testing?

Short version, we assess your security operations, by physically/digitally testing as a whole, or for specific objectives.

How are your guards trained/vetted?

All of our gaurds take the required training to be certified by the state. Along with that, they are given trauma response, de-escalation, and a wide variety of in house training. Majority of our agents are veterans of the military. all of our agents go through a background check to ensure quality personnel. 

Should I choose Armed or Unarmed Security?

That is ultimately up to you. We always suggest armed security. Even if it is just concealed carry. More so for the safety our team. 

Why should we choose Safe Sphere?

Simply put, because we care. Your not just another client. You are someone whom we will build a relationship with, and ensure your safe. Human nature is to care more for friends and family. So you should become one of those.

What type of events is ‘Event Security’?

Everything from your backyard or a wedding to larger events such as concerts and festivals.

Do you cover outside of Ohio?

As with all industries, we may not be able to handle your detail in another state, however, we have a network of thousands of private agents and companies that can help you make sure you get the proper team for your needs. 

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